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i hate fire season.

omg diamond bar. the only good thing about that fire is that means the brea fire went that way instead of towards trish's house. they're allowed to go back in.

my neighborhood is blocked off. they won't let anyone drive in. people can park like my parents did and walk back. talked to my mom and one of the neighbors. they were watching the chino hills fire from the backyard most of the night. chino state park is right behind us. but it seems the fire has calmed a bit, although the news said it was 5% contained.

but thank god everyone is safe and ok. checked in with my parents, the neighbors and trish. left messages for everyone else.
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carbon canyon is totally on fire.

rumor has it a satanic cult lives in the cyn. you're not supposed drive through it at night.

i wonder what the cult is doing right now.
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it's moments like these where a boyfriend would be appreciated. i don't want to be alone. i'm silently flipping out. went over to delano's for a little bit. needed some distraction from the news. i left when i suddenly realized i still hadn't eaten yet today. ate a snack.

i'm really fucking worried about my parents staying in the house. my mom is back too. but they couldn't drive into the housing tract. they had to park at rite aid and walk up fairmont. it's not far, but if there's a fire coming and you're on foot...

i feel like i'm overreacting, but i can't help it. tonight will be one of the hardest to get through.
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i'm back in the valley. this fire is messing with me. i can't take it. my fucking hometown is in flames, dude.

we were standing on the wall watching the line of fire. we watched it jump and grow. "um... is it over the hill?" we couldn't determine if it was really close or really big. and then a dc-10 flew over and made a drop. yeah it was really close. the dc-10 circled a few times. it flies really LOW. i thought it was going to crash into a house. there were at least two and several helicopters. eventually, the automated phone calls started to hit our houses and we were told to get out.

my parents went to my mom's friend's house. i stayed behind to help the other neighbors and make sure they had somewhere to go. i was also still debating my game plan. follow them or head back. most of the menfolk stayed. the women and kids left the husbands standing guard with hoses. my dad went back to the house. he says the winds are blowing fire towards la habra and away from us. but it could also shift at a moment's notice, so until the fire is completely out, i'm going to be worried. i want to go back tomorrow.

trish and dustin got out. they're at dustin's parents' house. i'm scared the brea fire got their house. it was really fucking close and only grew larger since the time i left them.

never in my life has anything like this happened. the fires would get close enough for us to watch from the rooftops, but it never actually made it's way into the city. part of savi ranch burned. the cascade apts are gone. houses behind village ctr are burning.

click here for pics.
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spoke too soon. later bitches. we gotta get out.
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so we're still at the house. rdo has been called for a voluntary evacuation. the neighborhoods between fairmont and village center, wtf. that's us. all of the neighbors are packed and ready to go, but we're still just waiting until it becomes mandatory. everyone is outside, i'm going to join them later. my parents are bickering in the kitchen.

trish's neighborhood was also called for voluntary evacuation but as of a few min ago, the tract about a block away upgraded to mandatory. they're still waiting until the last minute, but they're packed and ready to go if needed.

thank god winnetka is somewhat safe and insulated. my friends are safe and my baby is safe. just smoky and smelly.

i'd really rather not stay the night here, but it's becoming more likely.
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the yorba linda fire. :( and carbon cyn.

i wasn't planning on stopping by the house, but when i saw how big it was, i had to. it's pretty bad. my dad is hosing down the roof right now. i was over at connie's and sitting on their roof with her husband. this fire is gnarly. and the embers are starting to drift this way.

i was at trish's this morning. there's one right by her house too. it was heading their way when i was leaving. they were packing up in case they have to evacuate.

this shit is heart wrenching.


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