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this song is on repeat in my brain. so i went to youtube it.

bonus: the lead singer is totally cute.

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you must watch it.

part one:

part two:

part three:
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ETA: i first heard/discovered them while catching up on jimmy fallon this week. i almost skipped it cause their band name sounded funny but decided to check them out anyway. AND I'M SO GLAD I DID. i couldn't find the jimmy clip on youtube, but i did find it on his website!

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i used to see this commercial every morning while i was getting ready. they don't show it in the morning's anymore. in fact, i hadn't seen it in awhile. until right now. and then i looked for it on youtube and yay it's there!

ETA: wrote this post yesterday. and of course, this morning guess what i was greeted with when i turned on the tv! one day, i'm gonna make a trip down to culver and get me some.
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this is my latest new obsession. i've been reading about them but never got around to listening and when i finally did... LOVE IT! so much. i have a bit of a girlcrush on florence. i think she's so adorable and love that she's the main creative genius behind the band (from what i can figure, anyway). i like that the lyrics aren't just babble and some of them really make you think. i'm sharing a bunch of vids (yay for youtube!)

if you watch a lot of tv, you'll recognize this song from the "eat pray love" commercials. it's fun and catchy. the dog days are over:

my boy builds coffins:

trapped between two lungs:

and finally, the song i've been listening to this song over and over in the car. embedding doesn't work, so click here.
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plus: had an awesome indian food date night with [ profile] sholanda last night and she let me take home the leftovers cause she's awesome like that. can't wait to eat the rest tonight! also saw the CUTEST piggy video EVAR. i want to cuddle him so bad. SO BAD. my heart is trying to get out of my chest to go hug him.

minus: i can't move my neck and it hurts so much i feel pukey. :( i actually cried this morning it hurt that bad and was kind of freaking out. can't look up/down or turn left/right. took a bunch of tylenol and the extra hot shower/heating pad before work seemed to help a little. it still makes me cringe if i forget about it and try to look somewhere. dunno what the holy eff happened during my sleep. maybe fuckface stepped on my neck during the night. :P on the way to the office, i remembered anita has a chiropractor so i got the number and i have an appt at 2:30. so hopefully i'll be less #$%^&gahkillmenow%^!@#%$%^&# in a few hours.

another reason why i need to get my ass in gear and exercise regularly.
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you guys, i'm totally in love with this song. there's no vid, just music.

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just to toot my own horn a little bit, because i'm proud of myself. 2 full weeks without a cig! as in, didn't cheat and bum off someone during the weekend. this is the start of week 3 and i'm totally jonesing, but i don't have any so bummer to that.

you know that new car commercial (sorrento?) where the toys are fantasizing about vegas but really they're in the back seat? i was trying to find out the song in the background. shazam came up with "sixteen" by the heavy which is not quite it. right band, wrong song. either way, i have a new fave. the heavy! why have i never heard of them before?!

here is sixteen:

and how do you like me now:

can't wait till my laptop is up and running again so i can download them.
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first cute, then funny.

who's familiar with jason mraz's "i'm yours"? if you don't know the song, go here then come back.

i saw this on jason's blog. it's the most awesome kid ever. i put it on facebook too. his facial expressions are so cute! and the last "i'm yourrrs" is so rad.

don glover posted this vid on his twitter. ninja sex party, OMG. instant love. maybe i'm a 12 yr old boy, but i've watched it a squillion times and it's still funny to me. maybe i'll be tired of it tomorrow.

lastly, don also posted this genius vid.

i'm tiger woods. and i fuck bitches. i want someone to ask me who i am so i can say that. cracked me up.
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i love this kid!

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i love their "recommended for you" section. this vid is for both myself and [ profile] sholanda.

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it rhymes. have you two seen this?

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i totally creamed myself when i watched this.

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saw this on perez. pharrell trying to get some food.

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i can't stop watching this video. pretty much because it hasn't stopped making me giggle.

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