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i'm supposed to be working but fuck it. i can't concentrate and i kinda feel like crying, i'm so fucking tired. i'm having mega brain farts, i dropped my sandwich on the floor, i ordered shit before checking prices... oh well. i thought i could get by ok, but whatever. just a few more hours to go.

i have so much to write about and so many pics to share, but that will have to wait until later. until then, i will tell you about my new favorite game. gambling doesn't interest me terribly. i don't like to lose any money (i know, who does?), but i have become slightly addicted to a penny slot game called hexbreaker. it's totally my favorite and pretty much the only thing i played on. i only won once and just fed it money the rest of the time, but it was so fun that it made it ok. i'd put in a $5 and just sit there forever playing on it. eventually the money ran out but i was entertained.

why do i like it so much? it's all voodoo and black cats and 13s and purple and gothy. very much me.

see? fun! simon saw it first and said "oh you'll like this one. i know it." and he was right. the very first time i played, i put in one dollar. and this is what i won:

dude, how awesome is that? simon wanted me to keep playing or go redeem it for real money, but no. i had to print it and save it. it's the most perfect thing ever.


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