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Jun. 25th, 2010 01:57 pm
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does anyone have an extra $11 mil i can have? thanks.
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So, if you're into Alexander Skarsgard, seriously, get to Stockholm. Cause in my 30 min walk with Birdie, I've seen like, 100 of him.


let's plan a trip! btw are you loving the jason/andy dynamic right now cause i am. conscience off, dick on!
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stuff and more stuff.

very, very stuffy in my head. just like i need to clean off my coffee table, i need to reorganize my brain.

maybe one day.
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1. dear glee, wtf is up with quinn? she hasn't had a storyline since you came back from break. and i'm kinda over the artie/tina thing. they're cute, but who cares. when are santana and brittany going to be featured more? also, is the writing/plots getting dumb? before, the storylines were cheeky and fun. now it feels like you're putting way more into the production and what routines you want to perform and trying to create a story to tie them together. quit it. however, dream on and the mommy/daughter duet (is that the impossible dream? i think i'm the only person in the world who doesn't know that song) was fantastical. nph can wail, dude.

2. holy shit LOST. i didn't realize the last ep is already here and i'm sad. last night's ep... i don't think i've squealed that much all season.
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i have an idea i want to do for mother's day. the last time i was at michael's, i saw this fake water stuff for floral arrangements. DUDE. i want to make one each for my mom, connie and rose. the only possible downside is the fake water stuff may be dangerous. you have to heat it up super hot and be careful to pour it into the vase and stuff. i'm going to michael's later to really read the box on it and see if it's doable (something i can do myself or make simon/delano do for me), which i hope it is. in my head, it's perfect and fantastic. realistically... we'll see.

i'm full of ideas, but my execution is way lacking.
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i don't know details about the health care reform, although i should. i haven't had insurance in like, forever. but i'm perusing bigthink.com and saw this article which is basically a twitter-ized recap of the debates last night. what the twits had to say about it and such.

best comment ever:

@spinchange: Very crafty of them not to have the mandate & public exchanges kick in until 2014, AFTER the world ends in 2012. Well played, Democrats.
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you guys, i'm totally in love with this song. there's no vid, just music.


Mar. 13th, 2010 10:28 am
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i'm sad now.

gonna go listen to my glee soundtrack.
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guess where i'm typing from? fuck yeah!

- windows 7!
- running WAYYYYYYY faster than it used to.
- my computer works normal again!!

- photoshop didn't transfer over right.
- win 7 can't seem to find my video card so screensavers won't come on (whatever, tha'ts ok)
- it also can't seem to find my audio card, so no sound, what?! gotta figure out what kinda i need to redownload or something. who's good with that stuff?

i'll mess more with it tomorrow or next week. gonna head down to oc later today.

also, i am SO buying glee tickets at 10 today. david and i are gonna get our Gleek on!!!!!! i may be a little too excited for this show.

please excuse any typing or spelling mistakes. i'm not wearing the eyeball right now.


Mar. 10th, 2010 02:12 pm
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i just got an email saying simon is following me on twitter. haha he's slowly giving in! i bet he'll eventually give in to facebook. maybe.

shit, i have to watch what i twit. no more quoting his sleeptalking.

twit is more fun to say than tweet.
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hi, i relapsed. but i figure as long as i don't smoke daily, one every now and then is ok. i will refrain for the next two weeks at least.

martha is having a twitter contest to win a kitchenaid mixer. i've totally been trying to get in on it. please think happy mixer thoughts for me. :)
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just to toot my own horn a little bit, because i'm proud of myself. 2 full weeks without a cig! as in, didn't cheat and bum off someone during the weekend. this is the start of week 3 and i'm totally jonesing, but i don't have any so bummer to that.

you know that new car commercial (sorrento?) where the toys are fantasizing about vegas but really they're in the back seat? i was trying to find out the song in the background. shazam came up with "sixteen" by the heavy which is not quite it. right band, wrong song. either way, i have a new fave. the heavy! why have i never heard of them before?!

here is sixteen:

and how do you like me now:

can't wait till my laptop is up and running again so i can download them.
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look, it's a post! and a song for you. set to the tune of svu.

oh yes, stabler is so fine
oh yeah, want him in my death zone
*guitar riff*
i'd like him to munch my benson...

that's as far as i got because i can't remember how the tune goes right now. just the beginning part.
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I dislike being sick. Can anyone give reccomendations on how to treat a headcold? I don't feel congested but there's slight pressure in my ears and my throat is still sore. I coughed up solid yellow the first two days but yesterday and today it was a dark orange, almost red. :( I've been taking nyquil sinus, pounding water and using a humidifier. I feel considerably better than earlier in the week, just tired and a little spazzed about the phlegm thing. I've been sick worse than this before but I feel like this is kicking my ass a little bit.

i miss lj

Feb. 17th, 2010 09:46 am
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current favorite word: douchenozzle. i know it's not new, but it tickles me. i want to call somebody that. i also like the threat "i'm gonna rip your buttcheeks off!" said to TJ by his aunt patty.

oasis makes me happy. got "standing on the shoulders of giants" bumping in the car. their breakup, however, makes me sad.

cause my family don't seem so familiar
and my enemies all know my name
and when you hear me tap on your window
you better get on your knees and pray
panic is on the way...

i should be starting takeoffs, but the plans make me nauseous. and it's not due for 2 weeks, so i think it can wait until i get the eyeball. time for some facebook since no one is here.
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Hello world. I'm starting off the new year with no laptop but a kickass phone. The auto correct just tried to turn kickass into pickaxe. Awesome. As soon as I get a flash drive, I'm going to reformat and see if that helps. Typing on this thing is getting easier at least. Simon spent new years with Max which was fine with me. I received a nice tipsy phone call just before midnight. He doesn't remember half of the conversation. Haha. I spent my new years with Michael Westin and fuckface. She is the most spoiled kitty. I feel like I'm elementary school writing with all these short fragmented sentences, but it's hard to write thoughts when the keyboard won't keep up with me. I'm hungry. Happy belated new year lj.
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Lol shops = shola. Damn auto text.
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Omg I am done baking for thenext two years! And my house smells like yummy bath stuff cause shops got me lush stuff! It's hard to type on thistthing. My computer is so laggy! I ran all the scansand they didn't find anything so hmm. I Ned it to do takwoffs though, fuck. Oh well. I think my thumbs are too big forthe touch screen keyboard. I'm kinda sad about my big computer. Whatevs. Going to oclater to hand off the baskets.
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Check it. I'm updating from my phone, bitches!

However it takes longer to write cause I'm not used to this touch keyboard yet. My laptop is dying again. I'm running anti adware and spyware right now to see if it helps fix the lag. It took almost 20 min to start up this morning. LAME.

My phone is rad.
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my computer is breaking. :( it took about 20 min for me to get to lj the monitor is breaking and it's running REALLY slow.

but simon got me a google phone for christmas. :) that my touch 3g one from tmobile and it's pretty fantastic. i can facebook and twitter on it! spent most of last night messing with backgrounds, icons, and ringtones.

i'm bummed my computer is so laggy right now. it just started happening a few days ago.


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