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my dumb ass wasn't thinking and i lit up my cig while i was still in the office and looking for my phone so i could take it outside with me while i smoked. as soon as i sparked it, i was like 'oh shit!" and just ran out. the windows are open but it still smells a little bit like smoke. i just febreezed the house so it should be all good in a few min. retard.

i'm not even that sleepy! i had a big coffee this morning. i just was thinking about going to a special rocky thing with david and i am SO FUCKING STOKED OMG! i need an outfit! there's no way i can pull off a columbia in 2 weeks, so i think i'll have to go with the standard corset getup.

that's the event we're going to. jack nicholson, say what?! i will absolutely shit myself if he ends up playing frank. for real, i will just DIEEEEE. SO CAN'T WAIT!!!!!! i'm imagining danny devito as the professor. billy idol?! he seems like a riff raff. i bet jorge is gonna be meatloaf's character (blanking on the name). mario lopez is rocky, for sure. they're gonna utilize his abs to their utmost abilities. i bet julian will be brad. who will be janet though? lea michele makes the most sense based on the 3 ladies listed. i think ricki lake will be magenta and evan rachel wood will be columbia (my fave!). the rest of the cast will be trannies, i guess. i hope it's still audience participation, though i doubt it wouldn't be.

oct 28 can't come fast enough. i don't even care if i have to drive to oc to pick david up then drive him back later. i've been wanting to go to rocky again for a really long time and even though it's not like the usual shows we used to go to, this one should be pretty fucking spectacular!


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